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David fox is a tullamore native from the irish midlands and now lives and works as a visual artist in dublin city centre. He graduated from gmit (galway) in 2011, followed by belfast school of art in 2013, where he graduated from the mfa course at ulster university. His artistic practice is routed primarily within contemporary landscape painting. He paints site-specific landscapes that capture moments of everyday life most often associated with excursions during leisure time. These depictions are often of mundane and overlooked everyday spaces. What is recorded is an uncanny sense of place and time and there is an obvious connection between the artist and the landscape itself. The locations are often known which evokes a nostalgic sense of familiarity. The viewer is then drawn in by the ambiguity and other world qualities of these relatable yet unpopulated site specific scenes. He paints settings and locations of his current surroundings at any given period of time, including that of his nativetown of tullamore, where he spent some time for the duration of the lockdowns, and also whilst living in dublin.

Then there are also scenes from his time spent living in Belfast where he created a series of social-politically charged works depicting barriers of conflict between communities, having lived there during the centenary year and experiencing life in a region healing from the wounds of a troubled past.

Then there are also paintings documenting the irish border, these were painted as a response to brexit, highlighting the uncertainties that faced the only land border with the uk. Collectively, these settings evoke memories and narratives that in juxtaposition, work as a visual diary.

Foxs work has been exhibited extensively throughout ireland for both group and solo exhibitions. To date he has had 3 solo shows internationally in madrid and tarragona, spain. His work is part of collections such as the opw and national transport authority headquarters, dublin. He is represented by olivier cornet gallery, dublin and is currently working out of an artist led studio group at pallas projects. He was previously a member of creative exchange artist studios, belfast.

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